Because it is now proven that the quality and quantity of the food we intake together with the environment we live in and the lifestyle we choose, have a huge impact on our health, through the quality of our gut, of our sleep and our mind/body balance. In short, everything our ancestors did with intuition, we have waited for scientific reports to prove us they were right. And so here we are, back to thousands years earlier, looking for essential factors which bring a happy/healthy life: wholefood, daily physical activity, mindfulness, spirituality, social contact, fasting, seasonal products, the basic needs of a human being.

And it works 

Based on personal experience, I strongly believe that food is a critical factor determining our physical and mental health and energy level. My goal is helping you finding your daily optimum ingredients among the large choice that Mother Earth offers us. I suggest a personal well balanced diet according to your objectives. Many parameters interfere to determine how to feed your body: lifestyle, body type, metabolism, genes, religion, physical and mental health. It’s hard for everybody to make the first step towards changes. Yes, you need determination at the beginning because like any lifestyle change, it takes time and motivation. Yes, you need to cook a bit because wholefood, you know… But the more you feel fully energised, the more you keep chosing the right food habits. And no one will convince you to go back. That’s how your new You will born eventually.

Your health is in your hands,

I wish you a natural healthy journey to freedom !