Cha-om omelet

Cha_om_postDo you know that eating carbs in the morning is creating a huge insulin peak in your blood?  Yes you know it. It means you probably have an hypoglycemic feeling two hours later (foggy brain, fatigue, low energy…) plus a horrible feeling of starving if these carbs were highly processed, without any nutrients (best example is processed loaf bread with jam).

What can I eat for breakfast then? I find this omelet very quick (if you have removed the leaves the day before), easy, savory and healthy option. I like buying any fresh Thai herbs I find in shops and I realise I still don’t know all of them. I bought this one because I found the name attractive: climbing acacia. After a quick search on internet, I understand how to cook it. Thai people simply put the leaves on the omelet with a fork. When the omelet is rigid on the lower side you will turn it easily and will cook on that side just for one minute, not to burn the leaves.

It takes time to remove leaves from the stem. I suggest you do it the night before if you don’t have time in the morning. You can keep them in a plastic box up to two days.

Ingredients for 1 person1 acacia leaves bunch, 2 eggs, salt or fish sauce (as you like) , 1 chili (optional), ghee to cook.

You beat your eggs in a bowl with all the spices you like (I like fresh chili here) and the fish sauce. You cook it in your pan with ghee and disperse the leaves on the top of the omelet with a fork, it will help. When the omelet starts to harden, you turn it and leave it for one minute maximum.

You may find the smell of this herb quite strong but the taste is more attractive than the smell. Don’t hesitate to try it. I really feel this herb as a detoxifying, full of chlorophyll ingredient to eat regularly. For poor people who don’t have acacia on the shelves of their favorite supermarket, I suggest you replace it with spinach or any other green leaves quickly soften.

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