Spinach omelet calzone


These yellow and green fellows are good partners for your breakfast. Here is what’s popped up this morning in the pan with only three basic ingredients: eggs, spinach and ghee or coconut oil. Ok, I added some chili and garlic and vegan “fish sauce” because I really like hot savor early morning.

Ingredients: 2 beaten eggs, 2 big handful of fresh spinach leaves, fish sauce, 1/2 chopped chili, 1 chopped garlic, 2 tbs vegan fish sauce (how to make my vegan fish sauce), ghee or coconut oil for cooking.

Fry the chili and garlic in the pan with the fat of your choice (optional), then add the beaten eggs. Put the spinach leaves on top of the omelet and cover for two minutes. Fold half of the omelet on the other half and cover again for another minute. Cook the other side of the omelet for anether few seconds. And that’s it!

Add a creamy touch with a coconut kefir spoon. Yummy!




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