Lentil flatbread


I need new recipes for breakfast again. No personal creativity in this post but all credits to Lauren. Gluten free, nut free, this high protein bread gives you energy for the whole morning. You can prepare this recipe as you wish: with pesto, an egg or some vegetables of your choices.

Ingredients: 1 cup lentils, 1/2 cup water, 3 tbs coconut oil, 1 ts psyllium husk, 2 garlic cloves, turmeric, 4 peeled cardamon seeds, salt and pepper.

Soak your lentils overnight in water. Preheat your oven at 180°C. Line a round pan of 22 cm with parchment and brush it with a little bit of coconut oil. Drain the lentils and rinse well. Place the lentils in the food processor with the water, oil and spices of your choice. Pour the dough in the pan and cook in your oven for 20 minutes.

Easy, healthy, yummy!

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