Matcha and Oat Truffles


If you need some sugar taste but still stay on the green line of healthy eating, here is a nice recipe tried several times from the beautiful book of Julie Montagu “Superfoods”.

As always you will adjust the moisture of your dough with more or less oil, depending of the quality of the nuts.

Food processor is your friend time saver in this recipe.

6 ingredients for 17 truffles: 100 gr almond meal, 130 gr oat flour (grind your own rolled oat if you prefer), 50 gr macadamia nuts, 2 or 3 tbsp raw honey (max), 5  tbsp coconut oil, 4 tsp matcha green tea powder.

Put all ingredients in the food processor until your dough becomes moist. Form small balls of 20 gr and roll them in the remaining matcha powder.

Keep them them for a week in a food container in the fridre and….. keep moving!!!





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