Quinoa sweet potato and green leaves


Preparing the right meal for dinner that suits to everyone can been tricky. This one is light. Somebody very hungry can add more sweet potatoes.

Here is my basic model dinner dish. You can accommodate and duplicate with similar ingredients. For example, kale can be replaced by spinach, quinoa can be replaced by buckwheat, sweet potato by carrot. You play with different spices and you have a different meal everyday. Quinoa is interesting for vegetarian as it is an entire protein.

Again, very easy and quick to do. First, you need to soak your quinoa for several hours or overnight in the fridge before cooking.

Ingredients: 30 gr quinoa/pers., 2 small sweet potatoes/pers. (there are several varieties of sweet potatoes with different size), a few branches of kale cut in small pieces, 20 gr/pers. cooked mung beans (How to prepare legumes). Spices: mashed garlic and crushed cloves. Coconut oil to gently fry the garlic and the kale.

-If your mung beans are in the freezer, take them out at room temperature.

-Rinse well your quinoa several times. You just cover it with water, bring to boil for one or two minutes. Switch off the heat and cover. Normally, the water will be absorbed after 5 minutes.

-Wash and steam your sweet potatoes with the skin for about 7-8 minutes. Peel them when still warm. Slice them or cut in cubes, as you wish.

-Wash and cut the kale.

-Mash the garlic cloves and crush some cloves.

Use your wok and heat the coconut oil, gently fry the garlic, add the kale alone for one minute and then the rest of the ingredients and spices.

And that’s it!


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