Warm amaranth salad


Amaranth is an interesting grain which contains much more proteins than others pseudocereals plus iron, magnesium, calcium, B9, zinc and fibers. Many arguments to introduce it regularly into our meals. I promise more recipes with this ingredients. For vegetarian, it will be ideally mixed with cereals to have a whole protein intake.

After a bitter failure trying to pop the seeds like popcorn, I decided to simply boil amaranth after the soaking step.

Ingredients (for 3 persons): 170 gr amaranth seeds (1 cup), same water volume, 6 tomatoes, 1 bunch of morning glory (or spinach or kale), 3 very small sweet potatoes, 1/4 big onion, 2 cloves garlic, 1 green chili, coconut oil, soja sauce, salt*, grounded cloves + green lettuce.

How: -Soak the amaranth for at least one hour and rinse well. Boil the water and pour the amaranth in it and reduce the heat to simmer the grain without covering. If you cannot control the heat easily (like my gas stove), let it boil for or 3 minutes and stop the heat and cover for 5 minutes. Put on the heat again without covering for another 2 minutes, stirring from time to time and stop the heat and cover again for another 5 minutes. Normally, at that stage, the water is totally absorbed. If not, taste the grain. It has to be a little bit crunchy to mix it easily in the salad. If it’s cooked, discard the water if you still have some, if not cooked, repeat the heating step. When ready, add some olive oil and mix with a fork. It will stay a little bit sticky.

-Prepare your vegetables: Wash and cut the morning glory and tomatoes. Steam the sweet potatoes for 5 minutes (not too much) and peel them. Wash the green salad and keep big leaves so you will be able to wrap the salad in it.

-Spices: crush the garlic and the chili and chop the onion.

-Cooking: In the wok, gently fry the chili, garlic and onion with coconut oil, pour the morning glory, add some soja sauce and water and stir the vegetables. Stop the heat. Add the tomatoes, the sweet potatoes, salt and grounded cloves. Final stage, add the amount of amaranth you like and stir everything without heat.

-Garnish the plate with lettuce and place the salad in the middle. I liked to wrap the amaranth salad inside the green leaves.

*The soja sauce I use is not very salty so I exceptionally add some salt in this dish because of the sweet potatoes together with the amaranth.

Hope you enjoyed it!










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