Light and refreshing amaranth salad

Refreshin Amaranth Salad

This cooling salad will refresh you after a workout or anytime during the hot season. I never eat with calories counting but if you had an heavy meal the day before, this refreshing plate will help you with balancing your food intake and facilitate your digestion.

This is my second attempt with Amaranth seeds and I personally prefer to eat it cold than warm.

Ingredients (1 portion): 40 gr amaranth seeds (soaked), 60 gr very thinly grated carrot, 3 big lettuce leaves, 3 celery branches (small thaï celery), about 20 leaves of mint, 1/2 tbls toasted sesame seeds, 20 gr raisins, 1/4 lemon juice, 1 tbls olive oil (+ a little to mix in Amaranth), salt and pepper.

How: – Soak and cook the Amaranth seeds (How to cook Amaranth)

-Prepare the vegetables: grate the carrot, cut the celery branches and leaves and in small pieces, do the same with the lettuce, wash and loose about 20 mint leaves, toast the sesame seeds in a pan.

-When the Amaranth is cooked and cooled, you can add a little bit of olive oil and salt and mix with a fork. As it doesn’t mix easily with other ingredients, I prefer this option.

-In a salad bowl, mix everything and finish with the lemon juice, salt, pepper and the tbls of olive oil.

Hummm, only whole foods will regenerate your body! Enjoy!






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