Red fruits Oats & Coconut yogurt


This is how I’ve started slowly my Sunday morning. Not really hungry after a gastronomic Friday and Saturday night… The secret of this simple breakfast is in the quality of your fruits. Lucky I was to have really good organic strawberries in the fridge. I wanted some red coulis on top of my yogurt so I blended 4 strawberries with 1tbs of agave syrup. I’ve also used dehydrated cranberries to mix with the rest of ingredients for a sweeter note. I’m only going for organic dehydrated fruits now to avoid sulfur dioxide. This chemical is used to preserve the bright color of the fruits and to guarantee a longer life shelf. I actually like my “brownish” dried fruits. Really nothing special in this post, just wanted to help you in picking up some ideas for breakfasts.

Ingredients: Coconut yogurt, strawberries, dehydrated cranberries, oats, almonds, cinnamon.

How: Cut the fruits in 4 pieces. Mix them with cinnamon, yogurt, oats and cranberries. Blend some fresh fruits with a tbs of agave syrup to make your coulis. Add some more yogurt on top of your fruits/cranberries/oats/cinnamon/yogurt mixture. Add the coulis on top and finish with roughly crushed almonds.

Fresh breakfast, fresh mood, fresh day 🙂






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