Stuffed pimiento

Stuffed pimiento

Cook too much, you never know! Maybe no one will pop up but at least you will have healthy food when time is shrinking. One of my tips is to cook too much cereals for example. This cooked food can stay in your fridge for the next couple of days. Beans follow the same rule at home. You’re living alone and/or traveling a lot. Having roots vegetables in the fridge is always a good option because they can be steamed and freezed and easily added to any dish when you come back (carrot, beetroot).  Capsicum (pimiento here in Chile) and tomatos are vegetables which you can also store in your fridge for a few days. Ok, we know nutrients are depleted daily once they have been harvested. So it’s true that you have to take care about the quality of your nutrients intake on a weekly basis, via fresh food and/or supplements.

In short, we all do what we can. Keep in mind there is no perfection and all is balance and coming back on track always is the most important. Don’t give up on long term goal because of one or two daily failures. It works.

So basically, this recipe is about my leftovers (carrot puree and cooked buckwheat), trying to empty my fridge before traveling.

Ingredients: 2 capsicum, carrot puree (4 steamed carrots, 3 tbs silk tofu, cumin, 3 tbs olive oil, vegetable milk (opional)), about 10 cherry tomatoes, 5 tbs of cooked buckwheat, nutritional yeast, olive oil, black pepper.

How: – Preheat the oven at 160°C.

– Carrot puree: in a blender mix all the ingredients for the carrot puree mentioned above and add some vegetable milk if the mixture is not soft enough. Store the rest in your fridge to serve as apetizer with crackers or to garnish your tortillas.

-Cooked buckwheat: usually I soak my buckwheat grains overnight, rinse them, and cook in boiling water just for a few minutes. After soaking, the cooking time is always shorter and I don’t like overcooked cereals. After boiling, I turn off the fire and cover for a few more couple of minutes. If you like the texture, throw the water and rinse again your cereals.

-Cut the capsicums in two and scoop out the seeds. Cut one half of them in small cubes.

-Cut the cherry tomatoes in four.

-In a small salad bowl, mix the buckwheat, tomatoes, capsicum cubes,  some carrot puree (as much as you like it), 3 tbs nutritional yeast (to add some cheesy flavour), 1 tbs olive oil and black pepper.

-Stuff the capsicum with the mixture and put in the oven for 20 minutes.


Big missing here are the spring onions!!! Please let me know if you add some



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