Oriental perfumed quinoa breakfast

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Playing with spices is so satisfying, for the sense of smell and for the savours melting in the mouth. The more different tastes arrive in the mouth, the more quickly the taste buds are satisfied. This contributes to different results. First, it helps in being fully mindful of the act of eating. Having everyday very common food without creativity dulls the inherent act of nourishing the body and mind. Indeed, the point is not to fill in the 1 litre stomach of the body. The idea is to supply respectfully the whole entity with quality nutrients dense food. In this way, the act of consuming food holds back its genuine role. The other direct consequence of a mindful eating is the quantity of ingestion needed to meet the feeling of satiety. The nerve endings in the mouth send signals of satisfaction to hypothalamus much quicker. Happy ends everywhere 🙂

I like sharing this breakfast’s recipe with you. As always, we are free to change the spices combinations along whith the mood of the day. You might not have time during the week to put the pan on the gas stove but at least the weekend I hope you take time to treat yourself well.

Ingredients (1 person): 130 gr cooked quinoa, 10 gr soaked dried cranberries, 1/2 apple (or pear or asian pear), 1 small handful of soaked walnuts, 1 tbsp grated dried coconut, a slice of fresh ginger, 2 tsp ground cardamom, 1 tsp  ground anise, 1 pinch of ground clove, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 1,5 tbsp olive oil.

How: Gently warm all the spices in the olive oil and allow to melt, add the cubes of apple and mix for a few seconds, add the walnuts, cranberries and the quinoa and combine all together, sprinkle your plate with the dried coconut.

Enjoy basic food !



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