Buckwheat groats for breakfast

Breakfast sarrasin (1)

Your body will reward you if you skip your breakfast instead of quickly grabbing a piece of something while leaving home. The point here is not to determine “which taste you prefer for breakfast”, it is to know if you “create a time space for breakfast”. If the answer is “no”, then it is better not to eat at all.

Here is an ingrediends combination that suits me well. It helps in keeping the blood sugar level stable for the whole morning. We all want this to stay focused intellectually and physically on our daily activities.

Some people still prefer a sweet taste to start the day and it is ok if they can manage their whole morning with fruits, nuts, soya yogurt and whole cereals, all is fine. I personally cannot deal with it. Everyone needs to find the best match for their energy.

Ingredients (I haven’t measured anything, please trust your stomach when eating slowly, it should be ok 😉  :

Cooked buckwheat groats (cooked and ready in your fridge), black beans (cooked and ready in your fridge), 1 diced tomato, coriander leaves, crushed fresh ginger, ground cloves, ground curcuma, olive oil.

How: Melt the spices and the ginger in the olive oil and after 30 seconds add the diced tomato and mix for one or two minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients to warm them up. Pour all the coriander leaves on top.

A plus: I use to ferment the beans in “natto” way with the bacteria “bacillus subtiliss”! That is divine.



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