Soothing Love words


Four letters for such a big word.

What is Love? A mother love for her newborn baby, the teenager first magical love for her boyfriend, the small girl love for her respected father, the husband love for her beautiful wife, the eternal love between siblings whatever happens… All these feelings are different and still are named Love.

What about Self Love? Have you ever given you a chance to enter inside your Heart? That precise Heart without which nothing would happen today for you, nothing to see, nothing to smell, nothing to touch. That Heart which welcomes you each time you are looking for a shelter, giving you all the nurturance you need, countless.

Heart is also where forgiveness can occur. Forgiveness to yourselves for having been overwhelmed by anger, by frustration or maybe by an other unrespectful emotion you couldn’t control at that particular moment. All these can happen and everything is fine. You spend too much time judging yourself.

On the other hand, look around you. See how Universe is gentle with you, never judging you. Universe is loving you, unconditionnally. Universe has already forgiven you for whatever mistake you have made. As Universe’s child, you want to accept his Love!

Because you are so beautiful, inside out, you are now shining bright with his love. Today you are able to feel that heartwarming feeling all around your chest area and you want to spread it far. Today you are so grateful to Universe for being able to feel such a sensation, you want to love him back.

As a full self-loved person, you are now able to spread love all around you. Only now you can love your mother, your brother, your husband, your friends. And only now you are able to forgive everyone who has presented himself to your door as a potential enemy.

Sharpening one’s forgiveness tool is a powerful way to find Peace and Love within. You are now overwhelmed by this beautiful bliss and you can’t resist to spread it all around you.

download  Namaste

P.S: Words inspired by Ketan Kundaliya




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