Crunchy good fats bread

Pain nordique (2)Monday bread!

This recipe is coming right away from the magazine HealthyFood and I don’t see anything to change for my side. The ingredients list might discourages you but if your pantry is healthy enough, you will find all the stuff you need or at least similar ones, capable to replace the missing listed ingredients.

Remember to read recipes to boost your creativity and imagination and not to restrict yourself to the ingredients list to decide to adopt the recipe or not. If you we cook and bake regularly, we quickly become familiar with the consistency of ingredients, how they transform in water or oil, when they are baked or grilled, chopped or ground; how the flavors release differently according to the chosen cooking method.

If you are grateful for the food you are preparing, you will not be disappointed with the result. You just need to learn some basics about starches and flours if you are looking for a bread or cake shape. Here, we are using rice flour and buckwheat flour. Both are gluten free and have a strong bindind effect.

Nutritionally, this bread is interesting for good fats (Omegas 3) and  vegetarian proteins thanks to the amounts of nuts, flaxseeds and quinoa. Among the nuts family, I like to choose hazelnuts because of their vitamin E (α-tocopherol) content, a powerful antioxidant which helps in stabilizing the very oxidative Omegas 3. For those who are careful about sugar intake, the oat flakes bring fibers sufficiently to slow down the ingestion of sugar. Indeed, dried fruits, rice flour and honey are carbohydrates with  a quite high glycemic index if they are ingested seperately but combined with the fibers and fats of the bread, they are very well and slowly assimilated. There is no hypoglycemic drop to fear with this bread for a person with no particular sugar intolerance or diet.

As a non tolerant of high carbs for breakfast, I have adopted this recipe very nicely. Please enjoy!

Ingredients: 40 gr flaxseeds, 80 gr dried fruits (apricots, sultanas, prunes, figs…), 120 gr nuts and seeds (hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seedds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts…), 100 gr whole rice flour, 90 gr buckwheat flour, 40 gr quinoa grains (or millet or buckwheat groats), 40 gr oat flakes, 250 gr soja yogurt, 2 TBS honey, 2 TBS cider vinegar.


1/ Preheat the oven at 200°C and grease a bread tin.

2/ Grind the flaxseeds with a coffee grinder or with a mortar. Mix them with 20 cl of water and let it swell.

3/ Cut the dried fruits in small pieces and roughly ground the nuts and seeds.

4/ In a mixing bowl, mix the flours. Add the dried fruits, the seeds and nuts, the quinoa and the oat flakes.

5/ In a smaller bowl, mix the yogurt with the honey and the vinegar. Add the flaxseeds mixture. Pour this liquid on the dried ingredients and mix well.

6/ Transfer the dough in the tin and bake for around 40 minutes. The bread is cooked when the knife’s blade is dried when it gets out of the bread.


Reference: HealthyFood Magazine (#19 Sept-Oct 2019)

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