About me


For more than 20 years, I travelled and lived in different countries mainly in the Middle East and East Asia. Each new place has aroused my curiosity on the traditional food habits. The wide range of spices, new flavours, new ways of cooking never stopped fascinating me. Food culture is beautiful to my eyes. In some countries, mainly where the food culture maintained its authenticity through generations, people keep a grateful attitude to food as it stays their main medecine. I adopted that way of living: being through food with respect and gratefulness.

In 2014, I decided to reoriente my professional life in alignment with my passion for years: mental and physical health balance through nutrition. For about 20 years, my extensive readings, research and food experience helped to improve with my poor digestive condition and relieve my daughters from all kind of allergies. Today, I’m a certified Nutritherapy Practioner from CFNA  (Centre of Nutritherapy and Applied Phytotherapy) taught by Jean-Paul Curtay, the founder of a new approach of Nutrition. I’m aslo a certified Coach in Food and Nutrition from Nature Care College in Sydney.

My interest for Eastern holistic health approach has never stopped and because of different lucky circumstances, since 2018, I am still today a student of the Sasang Medecine (the traditional Korean Medecine) taught by Gary Wagman. Thanks to Gary’s phenomenal and meticulous work, the teachings of Lee-Je Ma are today available in English. His classes help me in understanding better the interactions between (un)balanced energies in organs and emotions. According to the nature of a nutrient, it nourishes a specific organ and keeps homeostasis in body and mind.

Today my wish is to contribute to people’s wellness through food, nutrition, balanced mind and open heart. Open Heart which helps u to listen to our real needs, which gives us the tools to keep or to recover our Health. Optimizing the daily food intake in order to improve physical and mental energy, get rid of chronic discomfort and aging smoothly. I really want to contribute to this worldwide health community which is awakening and growing day after day.