About me

Murielle-HermansI left Belgium 20 years ago, following my husband’s new job. With our two daughters we lived in different countries in the Middle East, 2 times in Thailand, I’m now based in Chile.

When we came back to Bangkok in 2014, I felt it was time to give a turning point to my professional life. I’ve always been attracted by the nutrition sector, impressed by the way food can interact with our physical and mental health and by its first role in illness prevention, in a holistic approach. For about 15 years, my extensive readings, research and food experience helped to improve with my poor digestive condition and relieve my daughters from all kind of allergies. Today, I’m a certified coach in Food and Nutrition from Nature Care College in Sydney. This scientific course in nutrition foundation was a perfect step to continue developing my knowledge in this sector. I am now in a 2 years course of Nutritherapy at CFNA taught by Jean-Paul Curtay, the founder of that new approach of Nutrition.

My interest for Eastern holistic health approach has never stopped and because of different lucky circumstances I am also today a student of the Sasang Medecine (the traditional Korean Medecine) taught by Gary Wagman. Thanks to Gary’s phenomenal work, the teachings of Lee-Je Ma are today available in English.

Today my wish is to contribute to people’s wellness through food, nutrition, a balanced mind and an open heart. Open Heart which will help them to listen to their real needs, which will give them the tools to recover their Health. Optimizing their daily food intake in order to improve their physical and mental energy and get rid of their chronic discomfort. I really want to contribute to this  worldwide health community which is growing day after day.