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Food bloggers

There are really plenty of good recipes and healthy food ideas on the net! I usually need a recipe if I have to make a dessert for guests and I often find ideas in these links below:

Nurture My Gut: gluten free and paleo friendly recipes.

Lands And Flavors: this blog makes me dreaming. The flavors come out of the pictures. Try the “Basic Almond Cheese”: very easy to make. You can make it soft or crunchy depending on the cooking time.

Minimalist Baker: a good source of inspiration especially for dairy and gluten free desserts.

Paleocupboard: grain free.

Detoxinista : dairy free, gluten free, nut free: you will find plenty of easy recipes. I usually reduce the amount of sugar taste she recommends though.


I’m litterally surrendounded by books, reading several of them at the same time, mainly in English and French. For those who are interested in nutrition and who can read in French,  I recommend all the publications of Jean-Paul Curtay who is the pioneer of the Nutritherapy. For the rest, I’ve chosen four of them from which I learnt a lot and where I regularly pick up some recipes or reread information:

The Art of Fermentation : Fermentation is my passion. Lactofermented vegetables, sourdough, kombucha, kefir, natto, I daily feed my gut with these friendly bacteria. Sandor Katz’s story is really inspiring. An autodidact who educates himself for healing. A real example of how our health is in our hands.

Flatbreads & Flavors : If you like flatbreads, spices, travel stories, traditional international food, this book has been written with the heart. The authors has travelled the world, discovering people through food culture or discovering food through people…. Flavors, traditional cuisine, spices, authenticity and …. breads, this book will take you several thousands miles away from your routine. An authentic wealth from bread culture. That is where you will find me when I want to escape and usually I come out of it with some pita breads, ready to bake 🙂

The Complete Book of Juicing : This book gives you really good information on all the nutrients and benefits you can get through juicing. It is far more than a recipes book. Every fruit and vegetable is analysed separately. If you have questions about juicing: how, good or not, when, why, which juice for which condition or ailment,…. this is a must to buy. It’s easy to read with good add of nutritional value.

Healing with Whole Foods:  THE BIBLE. A encyclopedia which gathers “Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition“. Yin and Yang aspects in food, natural elements in human condition, how to get enough macro and micro nutrients in our modern life according to traditional Eastern philosophy. Such a massive collection of ancient and traditional Eastern knowledge about Food and Health. A must have.

Bikram yoga


One day of 2014, by pure coincidence, I have been lucky to push the doors of a Bikram yoga studio. Litterally crawling out the hot room after my first session, I knew the routine of my life would never been the same. Physically, mentally, emotionally, you don’t get out of the studio without a change. A dialogue with 26 postures repeated twice for 90 minutes! That’s it! This is how you come back to your roots, this how you reconnect to yourself, this is how you finally learn to love and respect your innerself. Day by day, your body gets rid of toxins, your skin is glowing, you feel your blood recirculating in your whole body. The day after, you feel soreness in muscles you didn’t even know they exist….. so you guess the end of the story… you go back to the studio. As often as possible. And you surprise yourself to organise your weekly schedule according to yoga sessions and you surprise yourself registered for the 30 Days Challenge…. and this is how I became addicted. For me, Bikram yoga practice is the first step to come back to an healthy track very quickly. It resests the mind instantaneously.

I’m very grateful today to be living in a city which offers me at least four Bikram studios. Thank you Santiago 🙂

If you want to know more:

Vinyasa Flow and Pilates

Because of closure of Bikram yoga studios in town where I was living during the pandemia of 2020, I’ve started practicing Vinyasa flow and Pilates classes thanks to these channels among others:

http://Two Birds Yogahttp://Yoga with Kassandre , https://Yoga with Gingerem, https://Breathe and Flow , https://Yoga with Tim , https://Boho Beautiful Yoga

https://Move with Nicole: pilates



When your mind is set into a positive energy, Life mainly brings you positive encounters. Nadia Chen, Qigong Master in Thailand, introduced me to the Qigong practice in 2015. These ancient Chinese slow movements are super powerful to reinstall an inner balance and improve the fluidity of energy between organs. Qigong is all about fluidity: keeping the movements going harmoniously as they are nourishing the blood and organs. Finally, it calms down your mind to allow your brain working in full energy after the practice. Each person is responding differently to the Qigong. Some beginners will wait for some time before feeling the blood/energy flow, some others will quickly enjoy a warm tingling in some parts of the body together with a new soothing energy.

I’m personally practicing as often as possible and give group sessions in Santiago.



This is the martial art form of Qigong. I start learning Taichi with another inspiring person who is Dom Ullman. Living in Bangkok for many years he dedicates some of his time to teach the Taichi Heng style (similar to the 108 form traditional Yang Taichi). Dom learnt his beautiful Taichi with Zhang Jinghe who learnt from Heng Shoushan, the Master himself. Taichi practice helps to develop a strong mental focus, a good body mobility as well as flexibility and physical strength. This is typically a complete and gentle exercice for body and mind we can keep practicing without age limit.

I do recommend  Dom’s classes in Bangkok. It is a hearty experience you will not forget.