I’m particularly inspired by Asian medecines such as Traditional Chinese Medecine (TCM), Ayurveda, Korean Sasang Medecine because they are holistic. Food is essential for your health but emotions balance is at least as important. My work is a mix of the Western updated sciences proofed theories in nutrition with ancient traditional Asian medecines.  Korean Sasang Medecine guides you to specific nutrients to flow the energy inside your weak organ and balance your Yin and Yang person for an optimal overall energy flow and health.  I love the Ayurveda approach which inserts a whole range of spices in the daily meals. Beyond their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, they can also help in the control of blood sugar, cholesterol quality, blood pressure and much more.

Healthy eating is all about ingredients’ choice and ways of combining and preparing them, as well as optimum time to eat them. Recipes’ ideas will come naturally once you would have discovered what you have to eat. I will be your guide in the way to find the right ingredients and how to prepare them and when to eat them.

Identifying the mistakes and deficiencies in daily food choices in relation to what your body needs, prioritizing the changes, learning how to organise home cooking, controling the temptation…. these are the different steps I can assist you with.

Happy to meet you and listen to your challenges, and then exploring with you how food can help you, in French or English.